End of Summer Lawn Care – Core Aeration

Indianapolis summers can be hot and dry therefore can take a toll on your landscape and lawn.  September and early October are important months to help your lawn recover from the long summer and prepare for the winter months ahead.  As grass goes into dormant phase the weak points in your lawn become apparent.  Localized dry spots, bare patches and areas of extreme compaction are revealed.  To help improve the health of your lawn FC & AC Lawn and Landscaping recommends core aeration, seeding or dethatching.

Dry spots and bare patches are symptoms of excessive thatch and soil compaction. Thatch is the thin layer of decomposing grass on the soil surface. Thatch slows water runoff, provides protection for the root system by shading the plant and holds moisture against the soil surface. Too much thatch is a very bad thing. If clippings aren’t finely mulched or grass growth exceeds the rate of decomposition, thatch builds up. Water and fertilizers cannot penetrate this thick layer and grass is damaged. Soil compaction also prevents the proper filtration of nutrients. Especially in high traffic areas, soil is crushed tight. Without the proper pockets of air, water sits on the soil surface or simply runs off. Both conditions result in bare patches.

Core lawn aeration is a good and simple solution for all these problems.  Lawn aeration is the process of mechanically puncturing the soil surface and removing small plugs and thatch from the lawn.  Aeration relieves soil compaction as the resulting holes deliver water, nutrients, and air into the soil. The roots system is strengthened and grows deeper. Deep root systems withstand harsh winters and a natural cycle of annual health ensues.

Lawn overseeding is typically done in combination with core aeration.  Overseeding is the process of sowing seed on top of an existing lawn.  This is a quick and effective way to improve the overall appearance and health of a lawn.

If you would like help to complete these jobs please contact FC & AC Lawn and Landscaping.  We proudly serve the greater Indianapolis area.